Be a Cook

Do you want (or have what it takes) to become a personal chef?

You are a health coach, culinary school grad, or home cook looking to transform their passion for food into a profitable business. Take your cooking skills to the next level by moving from passionate cook to profitable personal chef with my personal chef training course.

Cooking for a variety of people with an array of tastes and dietary needs is an incredibly rewarding and challenging career.
But you aren’t worth your weight in truffles as a personal chef if you don’t have a strong business foundation.

If you’ve been struggling with inexperience or uncertainty, difficult clients, or competition, it’s time to take the next step.

You will be an excellent fit for this program if you:
… have existing cooking skills and a willingness to improve

… aren’t sure how to even begin to price your services

… feel stressed about what to cook for picky clients or how to even begin to plan your menus

… struggle to find new clients, or find clients who don’t want to pay you for your time

… are willing to do the work it takes on your business to succeed

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